Calbee Frugra Bundle of 3 – Japan’s No.1 Granola

AED 30.00

  • Fruits & Granola – 482g

Frugra is a perfect blend of the five main grains, fruits and nuts. The ideal flavour and crunchy combination that will let you relish and enjoy this healthy, delicious sand wholesomeness. Frugra can be served both hot and cold, and is excellent for a healthy start to your day! Loaded with the right carbs, grains and vitamins to kick start your day with all the energy.

  • Fruits & Granola Chocolate Crunch & Banana – 425g

Fruits and Granola with light and crispy banana pieces with chunks of chocolate comes together with our 5-grain blend.

  • Fruits & Granola Reduced Sugar – 425g

25% less sugar than our Original Fruit & granola with Just as much fruit and nuts every bite packs.


-NO.1 Market Share in Japanese Cereal Market
-5 grains: oats, brown rice, rye, corn and wheat bran
-Fruits: papaya, strawberry, pumpkin, grape and apple
-Contains coconut and Almonds
-Unique, high quality and crunchy texture
-8 kinds of vitamins
-Low Sodium
-Source of Protein, High in Fibre

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